My friends call me Lucy...

And so can you.


I am a self-taught documentary photographer working on Wathaurong land (Geelong) Australia. My work explores themes of familial life and attachment through film and digital photography. Intrigued by the connection with people around me, particularly my own children, I love chronicling the varied stages of kinship. 

I was born in country Victoria, and throughout schooling always felt the pull towards the creative arts.

I often think back to these teen years (my younger sister as my first muse and model) and remember the drive to create moments of beauty. By the water tank and amongst the fruit trees in the warm Mallee evenings. It’s because of photography we remember all the little details and how we felt at the time. 

Currently, I am working on an evolving series titled ‘After Naps’, exploring the importance of friendships formed between  mothers. A relationship primed for longevity, one of solidarity and understanding. One not often documented. For more information on being a part of this series, please be in touch.

I love to focus on unfiltered moments: the house not quite perfectly tidy, the kids a little grubby. Because this is what we will miss once they’re grown. A lively home filled with laughter and love. But I love how family is whoever you choose it to be. Your best friend, fur baby or forever love. To deliver a collection of these moments is truly magic. From me to you and yours. 



Skye Lizzie Photography

If you're ready to take the next step and invest in beautiful photographs to cherish for years to come-let's chat.  I am more than willing to collaborate on styling, locations and creative ideas. Whether it's your home, favourite park or by the beach, we will work together to ensure the end result is exactly what you're after, and then some.